Hi and welcome to my site! 🙂
I am Lammim, a PhD student in astrophysics at Leiden University, Netherlands. I was born and raised in Bangladesh – lived in the capital city Dhaka for 9 years since high school and got my bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Set out to Europe for my master degree in astrophysics, and lived in 3 countries in my 2 year master program before settling in the Netherlands for a few years. Besides the ‘research’ part, I am also passionate about popularising science and astronomy, and have been involved with voluntary organisations that do so in different places where I have been to.

Since childhood, reading has been my gateway to our own world and beyond. I think because of that, I grew up with a passion to explore new places and cultures, try out and learn different things, and if possible, share and learn from others. I have visited most of the districts in Bangladesh and till now, have explored 30 countries with the hope to explore more when it is possible.

I think I am a life-aholic person (excuse the weird made up word please!). Because, I am almost always awestruck by the surprises and wonders life has to offer. There has been struggles, of course. Being a girl from a south-asian country has its own baggage no matter whether I am living back home or anywhere in the world. I am not complaining – nor do I want to sugar-coat. But, the bottomline for me is that, I am grateful for the challenges life has put me through, and the blessings I have been showered with.

Why I started this website? Pretty much explained in the previous paragraphs in a scattered way. Because I am alive and here. Because I like to try different things and wanted to put some of those experiences and experiments together that have been the most important for me with a hope that it may help someone. Because it will be interesting to share and connect with anyone interested in these. Lastly, because why not 🙂 !

Thank you for reading through this far! I wish you a good life 🙂 !

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