The Cage in the Bird

Once upon a time, there was a little bird whose nest was in a small rose bush of an orchard. The nest was very pretty and its folks were oh so charming. They had a wonderful little world and everything they wanted was at reach. The birdie wanted nothing more than being happy like every other one. But, there was this voice that introduced it with the world outside – the deep blue never ending sky, the shining sun and the thousands of colors that were present outside the orchard. 

It taught the bird to look beyond and to step out of the perfect garden. It encouraged the tiny  one to pick whatever color it liked most from the dazzling sight and make that its own. It taught the wobbly winged creature to fly and most dangerously, to dream – to aim for the sun if it wanted to fly high, to aim for the rainbow if it was what it wanted. The tiny heart started to grow bigger inside the little body. With time, the bird grew bigger bit by bit, but its world grew bigger by leaps. It learned flying – it was expected by everyone around. Then it learned flying higher – it was beyond expectation – the bird was encouraged and judged at the same time. It grew confused, afraid ; but the voice was still there, with hope, courage and love. It made the little one stronger. The more it learned to go higher, the more difficult it got. 

To be truthful, at first, it started flying because it did not want the voice to be disappointed. But the more it learned, the more challenging it became, it realized that flying was meant for it. It wanted to reach the sun for itself and everything else. It knew that the world is open to take over – it believed that if there is nothing to believe in, it has its own wings to push forward. 

Suddenly, one day, the voice that has been there forever like the wind and the sun started growing weaker… The little one, now not being the old frail one, wanted to give it the same feel of peace and faith that it has always received from this voice. But it was no good. The voice dimmed first, then it started becoming stronger again! Only this time, it told the dreamy bird to fold its ever spread wings, that the sun was no place to go to, that the orchard was where home was, that to fly high is good but it had its limits too. The bewildered bird, suddenly found itself alone in the entire universe. For it cannot let go of all it has believed in, dreamt and been living for so far, yet it started doing all these to not disappoint the voices that was telling to stop being what it have been… 

In tormenting dilemma, the bird starts flying, then stops midway. Goes around the orchard. Then again starts flying and goes above. It then goes round and round along the perimeter and looks inside and out, trying to choose, but in vein. The once soulful and happily singing bird, now only goes in circles above the orchard- silent and searching, looking – sometimes sitting inside for a while, then suddenly rising higher than the tallest tree. But most of the time,  in between…

Have you ever seen a tiny dot circling above? Always flying but seldom going higher or lower? Then you know the one I have been babbling about 🙂

Note: This is an old write-up from 2014. It is not perfect of course, but I decided to post it here without edit to be as a reminder of the time it reminds me of. Thank you for reading!

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