The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

September 2019

A story that touches some of the deepest heartstrings. The main protagonist is Amir, who is also the narrator. From his childhood at the rich neighborhood of Kabul, Afghanistan, his story takes all sort of twists towards his adulthood. At one side, this is a story of facing his inner demons and how it shaped his relationship with his best friend, and his own struggle towards redemption. On the other side, this is story gives a vivid picture of how Afghanistan used to be and how it changed during communist period followed by the period under taliban rules. How the Afghan refugees moved to other countries and how they kept their cultural spirit, be it positive or negative, in foreign lands. How Amir kept paying the price for his mistake because he could not forgive himself.

The story itself is amazing, but the storytelling is even better. Simple words that cut deep, and make the people and places come alive while reading. Felt like I know these people all my life. As a result, my emotions moved up and down with the story, it made me wistful, mellow, sad, nostalgic, happy – and more. It broke my heart and patched it up again somehow, only to go over the circle again and again.

At the end, it made me grateful to have people to whom I can say , “For you a thousand times over”, and knowing that they will do the same. A must read for any book lover!

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